Through a passion for teaching all levels, students have learned valuable lessons in self-confidence and self-discipline.

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  • Recreational Dance and Gymnastics Combination Classes

    The Recreational Dance and Gymnastics combination classes meet for one hour per week. This fun-filled class includes ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap instruction as well as gymnastics. This is an introductory program for dance and gymnastics students. The students purchase one costume for the year that they use to perform one routine at the Winter show in December and a different routine at the Spring Recital in May.

  • 1 Day Competition

    The 1-Day Competition Dance Lines attend class once a week for two hours. This program is more advanced and the routines are more difficult than the Performing Dance Lines. They will learn ballet technique, jazz, tap, hip hop, and gymnastics. They will then perform one dance at the Winter Show in December. In the Spring Recital in May, they will perform two different routines. The 1-Day Competition Lines will attend one regional dance competition in the spring. Students will purchase one costume and a recital t-shirt that will be worn throughout the year. This program is ideal for students who have successfully participated in the Recreational Combo classes or a student who possesses intermediate level skills.

  • 2 Day Competition

    The 2-Day Competition Dance Lines consist of some of the most talented dancers in Minnesota! These students continually win top dance awards at the dance competitions and are known throughout the region for their phenomenal dancing. The 2-Day Competition Lines meet twice a week for 2 hours each time. These lines are taught ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, contemporary, and hip hop. All 2-Day Competitive Dance Lines will perform at local dance shows in the fall/winter. They will perform in the Winter Show and the Spring Recital in May. The 2-Day Competition Dance Lines will attend up to 3 regional dance competitions in the spring. Students will purchase up to four costumes (jazz, tap, lyrical/ballet, hip hop/opener) that will be worn throughout the year. These students will have the opportunity to audition for our tap, contemporary, and lyrical production lines. Students also attend summer classes at the studio where they work on technique and begin new routines. Some classes will have choreography workshops with nationally recognized choreographers scheduled over the summer as well. This program is ideal for students who have successfully participated in the Performing and/or 1-Day Competition Lines or a student who possesses advanced level skills.

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