We offer many different levels of gymnastics here at St. Cloud School of Dance and Gymnastics.  Students as young as 2 years old can begin their gymnastics journey in one of our Pre-School Beginner Gymnastics Classes and progress through to be a competitive MAGA gymnasts.  We also offer off session training for High School Gymnasts in September through October and March through May.

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Recreational Gymnastics Schedule
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Preschool Gymnastics Classes

  • Beginner I Ages 2-4

    In our Beginners I class our instructor will take your gymnast through different fun activities, and basic gymnastics positions/skills on the bars, beam and floor.  This will help your new gymnast to become comfortable with the equipment and their instructor, while building their confidence to learn more!

  • Beginner II Ages 2-4

    The Beginners II class is your child’s chance to do all the activities and skills they learned in Beginners I at a higher level.  The instructor will continue with progressing your child’s gross movement abilities on the bars, beam and floor, while focusing on perfecting skills they have mastered.  Your gymnasts confidence will continue to build as they try new activities and skills on their own, and encourage their curiosity to learn more!

  • Beginners III Ages 4-5

    Beginners III is for first time gymnasts ages 4 to 5.  This class will focus on improving gymnast’s gross movement, coordination, and balance on bars, beam and floor.  Gymnasts at the end of the year will be proficient in basic skills, like forward rolls, and positions.

    Example of skill proficiency: forward rolls and backward rolls


Recreational Gymnastics Classes

  • Intermediate I

    Intermediate I is for second year gymnasts who have demonstrated proficiency’s required in Beginners III.  In Intermediate I, gymnasts will become more independent on skills they have learned in the pass.  Gymnasts will begin learning basic control over their body through basic flexibility and strength work.  This will lead into fine motor movements.

    Example of skill proficiency: handstands and cartwheels

  • Intermediate II

    Gymnasts in Intermediate II will need to have completed Intermediate I successfully.  The Intermediate II class builds off of skills learned in Intermediate I and continues progressing gymnasts to more difficult gymnastics skills.  Along with skill work, flexibility and strength will be main focuses for this class to ensure gymnasts can perform the necessary skills by themselves.

    Example of skill proficiency: handstand forward rolls and bridge kickovers

  • Intermediate III

    Gymnasts in Intermediate III will need to have completed Intermediate II successfully, due to skills building off of what is learned in Intermediate II.  Body Awareness is a key focus in Intermediate III.  Understanding where the body is in space will help gymnasts to control their body during skills and to know when to engage specific muscles.

    Example of skill proficiency: roundoff rebounds and back walkovers

  • Advance I

    Gymnasts must be recommended to participate in Advanced I.  Gymnasts will learn advanced skills on all four events (vault, bars, beam and floor) to prepare for competitive team gymnastics.  Advanced I meets one-day a week.

  • Advance II

    Gymnasts must be recommended to participate in Advanced II.  Gymnasts will learn advanced skills on all four events (vault, bars, beam and floor) to prepare for competitive team gymnastics.  Advanced II meets two-days a week.


Team Gymnastics

  • Cubs Prep Team

    Gymnasts must try-out and have coaches permission to be a member of Cubs Prep-Team.

    Cubs Prep-Team Gymnastics is design to work with female gymnasts to prepare them for the competitive Junior Tiger Gymnastics (JTG) Team.  They have the opportunity to practice more frequently throughout the week to help them gain more gymnastics skills.

    For more information on Cubs Prep-Team please contact Joel Stark-Haws at

  • Junior Tiger

    Junior Tiger Gymnastics (JTG) is our highest level of gymnastics.  Gymnasts must try-out and have coaches permission to be a member of JTG Team program.

    JTG Team Gymnastics practices on their gymnastics skills throughout the year, while learning routines on all four events to be ready for their MAGA competitive winter season (November-March).

    For more information on JTG Team please contact Joel Stark-Haws at

High School Gymnastics